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Medical School Class of 2021 student awards

Grid of headshots with Student Awards Seal

The UT Southwestern Medical School Class of 2021 celebrated graduation on May 8. The Medical School annually hands out the awards to honor students who exhibit potential in their specialties or a commitment to public health and community service.


Ho Din Award

Iatros Award

Class of 2021 Leadership Award

U.S. Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award

William F. Ross, M.D., Scholarship Award in Family Medicine

Dr. Amber Allen

William F. Ross, M.D., Scholarship Award in Family Medicine and the Lorraine Sulkin-Schein Medical Student Award in Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Logan Mills

Award for Excellence in Dermatology

Dr. Stacy Kasitinon

Texas College of Emergency Physicians Award

Dr. Carolyn Shanks

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Award

Dr. Bradley Upchurch

Southwestern Gynecologic Assembly Award

Dr. Taylore King

MT Pepper Jenkins Outstanding Medical Student Award in Anesthesiology and Pain Management

Dr. Anthony Dao

Roland C. Reynolds Pathology Award

Dr. Amy Xia

Vernie A. Stembridge Scholarship Award in Pathology

Dr. Joshua Pierce

Karen Kowalske Outstanding PM&R Undergraduate Award

Dr. Kristin Bristow

Kurt Ian Wey, M.D., Senior Pediatric Award

Dr. Vi Hung Pham

Pediatric Society of Greater Dallas Award for Excellence in Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Layla Zahra Samandi

John D. McConnell Award for Excellence in Urology

Dr. Amy Kuprasertkul

Vanatta, Hesser, Schmalstieg Excellence in Tutoring Award

Dr. Edward Daniel

Herbert S. Salomon, M.D., Class of 1967, Memorial Scholarship Award

Dr. Lauren Shaffer

Annelle M. Ahmed, M.D. Women’s Health Care Award

Dr. Laura Kenyon

Dr. Richard Mays Smith Award

Dr. Calvin Geng
Dr. Anika Morgado
Dr. Naveen Kishore Balakrishnan
Dr. Syed Kazim Rizvi
Dr. Katelynn Smith

North Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians Award for Outstanding Medical Student in Psychiatry

Dr. Harini Suresh

Hemphill-Gojer Award in Internal Medicine

Dr. Reshma Narain
Dr. Kyle Saysana

American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Prize for Excellence in Neurology

Dr. Sonal Gagrani

Eliot Goldings Award in Rheumatology

Dr. Nikhil Madhusudhan

TAFP Dallas Chapter Outstanding Graduate Award

Dr. Emily Magallanes

Minnie Lancaster, M.D., Scholarship Award in Family Medicine

Dr. Sara Hassan Youssef










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