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Internal Medicine Residency  

Learn how our residency program provides a stimulating and challenging internship during which the key fundamental skills of an internist are acquired.

As one of the premier academic medical centers in the nation, UT Southwestern Medical Center trains the physicians, medical scientists, and allied health care professionals of the future. The Internal Medicine Residency Program provides a stimulating and challenging residency during which the key fundamental skills of an internist are acquired.

We are a diverse, multicultural program in a sizeable health system, nevertheless, characterized by the intimacy a firm system promotes. Our residents achieve rapid competence through a conviction in shouldering primary responsibility for patient care decisions with the close support of a world class faculty. We have a strong tradition of excellence in critical care and cardiology with rapidly developing portfolios in other internal medicine sub-subspecialties, primary care, and global health.

Program Aims

  1. Produce scientifically curious graduates who are clinically excellent and place patient-care, particularly care for vulnerable populations, as their leading priority.
  2. Develop future academic and community leaders who will generate new knowledge and serve patients in all fields of internal medicine, regionally and nationally.
  3. Produce graduates who will help transform health care to meet the challenges we currently face – an aging population with multiple chronic health problems, a need for better overall population health at less cost, and a political and economic environment that characterized by disparity in health outcomes.
  4. Foster a learning environment which values lifelong learning, practicing medicine with a sense of purpose, while being cognizant of the importance of personal health and wellbeing.

The UT Southwestern Internal Medicine residency training program empowers residents to achieve their full potential as physicians and leaders. As a leading residency training program, we will continually advance our learning environment to enhance resident education. Our residents will be committed to life-long learning and the transformation of health care to achieve the goals of reducing disparity and increasing value.

UT Southwestern is leading the way in a new era of scientific discovery in the 21st century. In both basic and clinical research, the institution fosters multidisciplinary approaches and rigorous scientific training. Excellence in education begins with its faculty, which includes six Nobel Laureates, 22 members of the National Academy of Sciences, and 17 members of the National Academy of Medicine.