Office of Research and Grants Support

Responsibilities of the Children's Medical Center Clinical Research Office

  • Oversight of research operations to ensure compliance with regulations and to monitor expenditure of research funding
  • Assistance with grant preparation, including preparing the budget, statistical design, and logistics of carrying out the study
  • Assistance with meeting the requirements to conduct research at Children's (HIPAA, compliance training, etc.)
  • Access to a patient advocate, who may assist with the consent process

Information found on the Children's Research Office website

  • The five steps required to open and conduct a study at Children’s
  • A list of policies that apply to research at Children's
  • Links to educational materials about compliance
  • Links to policies that address issues relevant to research
  • Links to the forms associated with research at Children's
  • Steps required before conducting chart reviews

Children's Clinical Research Advisory Council (CCRAC)

  • A description of who can apply
  • The grants cycle and review processes
  • The relationship to the North and Central Texas Clinical and Translational Science Initiative (NCTCTSI)
  • A description of the application requirements
  • Format for applications

Directions to the Clinical Research Office Website at Children’s Medical Center

  1. Access and log into the Children’s Medical Center Portal
  2. Launch ChildNet
  3. From the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, select Department>Clinical>Research