Media Policies

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s reputation as a national leader in patient care, education, and research offers news media a wealth of expert resources on virtually any medically related topic. UTSW’s Communications team responds to hundreds of media inquiries each year from reporters seeking information on clinical breakthroughs and research discoveries.

To effectively facilitate the requests of media reporting on news and events at UTSW, the Communications team has established the following guidelines for reporters requesting information or interviews:

  • Advance notice of on-site interviews is requested so Communications staff can arrange interviews with experts, and/or obtain appropriate patient permission, if necessary.
  • To ensure confidentiality, privacy, and appropriate sensitivity to patients and families, members of the news media, including photographers and video crews, must be escorted by a member of the Communications staff while visiting UTSW hospitals and clinics.
  • No patient information other than a one-word condition description is made available to the media. No information will be released on patients who are not identified by name by the media.
  • Patients who agree to be interviewed or filmed must provide prior verbal or written consent to the Communications team.

Additional Patient Condition Request Instructions

Please contact the Communications team at 214-648-3404 to request the condition of patients at William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital or Zale Lipshy Pavilion – William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. Correct spelling of the patient’s first and last name is required. In most cases, we will provide a one-world condition – Good, Fair, Serious, or Critical – or indicate that the patient is deceased or has been discharged. We will not provide the time or date of a patient’s death or discharge.