Commercialization Impact at UT Southwestern

Commercialization at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is managed by the Office for Technology Development (OTD) Liaisons team working to collaborate with faculty, clinicians, researchers and industry partners to better meet the needs of the increasingly complex research and technology development relationships to advance science for the benefit of patients. The team of experts include, but are not limited to Assistant Directors of Technology Commercialization (ADCs), Commercialization Success Partners (CSPs), faculty liaisons and the business development team.

Connect with your OTD Liaison to identify the name and point of contact information for your department. The OTD's Success Stories include just a few of the most recently established companies that have been created around platform technologies licensed at UT Southwestern.


UT Southwestern Medical Center has been protecting and licensing intellectual property for more than 40 years. Intellectual properties developed at the university are primarily in the fields of biotechnology, medical devices and software. OTD creates a proactive, business-oriented culture to promote viable relationships with commercial partners. OTD serves UT Southwestern’s faculty and students by evaluating new inventions disclosed to the office and then managing each technology’s best route to commercialization by:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Pursuing and overseeing intellectual property protection when appropriate
  • Negotiating licenses with existing or startup companies
  • Monitoring ongoing compliance by licensee

If you have an invention to disclose, please submit an Intellectual Property QuestionnaireTake a look below at just a few of the ways OTD has impacted and advanced UT Southwestern’s innovative research in maximizing benefits for community health and well-being.