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Loss of wild type KRAS in KRASMUT lung adenocarcinoma is associated with cancer mortality and confers sensitivity to FASN inhibitors.

Liu Y, Gao GF, Minna JD, Williams NS, Westover KD, Lung Cancer 2021 Jan 153 73-80

Development of a real-time indoor location system using bluetooth low energy technology and deep learning to facilitate clinical applications.

Tang G, Yan Y, Shen C, Jia X, Zinn M, Trivedi Z, Yingling A, Westover K, Jiang S, Med Phys 2020 Aug 47 8 3277-3285

Chemical Biology Toolkit for DCLK1 Reveals Connection to RNA Processing.

Liu Y, Ferguson FM, Li L, Kuljanin M, Mills CE, Subramanian K, Harshbarger W, Gondi S, Wang J, Sorger PK, Mancias JD, Gray NS, Westover KD, Cell Chem Biol 2020 Aug

Small molecule inhibition of non-canonical (TAK1-mediated) BMP signaling results in reduced chondrogenic ossification and heterotopic ossification in a rat model of blast-associated combat-related lower limb trauma.

Strong AL, Spreadborough PJ, Pagani CA, Haskins RM, Dey D, Grimm PD, Kaneko K, Marini S, Huber AK, Hwang C, Westover K, Mishina Y, Bradley MJ, Levi B, Davis TA, Bone 2020 Jul 139 115517

Synthesis and structure activity relationships of DCLK1 kinase inhibitors based on a 5,11-dihydro-6H-benzo[e]pyrimido[5,4-b][1,4]diazepin-6-one scaffold.

Ferguson FM, Liu Y, Harshbarger W, Huang L, Wang J, Deng X, Capuzzi SJ, Muratov EN, Tropsha A, Muthuswamy S, Westover KD, Gray NS, J. Med. Chem. 2020 Jun

KRASQ61H preferentially signals through MAPK in a RAF dimer-dependent manner in non-small cell lung cancer.

Zhou ZW, Ambrogio C, Bera AK, Li Q, Li XX, Li L, Son J, Gondi S, Li J, Campbell E, Jin H, Okoro JJ, Xu CX, Janne PA, Westover KD, Cancer Res. 2020 Jun

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