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4-integrin deficiency.

Hussain RZ, Cravens PC, Doelger R, Dentel B, Herndon E, Loof N, Tsai P, Okuda DT, Racke MK, Stüve O Ann Clin Transl Neurol 2018 Dec 5 12 1543-1561

Aberrant Proteostasis of BMAL1 Underlies Circadian Abnormalities in a Paradigmatic mTOR-opathy.

Lipton JO, Boyle LM, Yuan ED, Hochstrasser KJ, Chifamba FF, Nathan A, Tsai PT, Davis F, Sahin M Cell Rep 2017 Jul 20 4 868-880

The Role of the Pediatric Cerebellum in Motor Functions, Cognition, and Behavior: A Clinical Perspective.

Salman MS, Tsai P Neuroimaging Clin. N. Am. 2016 Aug 26 3 317-29

Autism and cerebellar dysfunction: Evidence from animal models.

Tsai PT Semin Fetal Neonatal Med 2016 May

Reversal of neurobehavioral social deficits in dystrophic mice using inhibitors of phosphodiesterases PDE5A and PDE9A.

Alexander MS, Gasperini MJ, Tsai PT, Gibbs DE, Spinazzola JM, Marshall JL, Feyder MJ, Pletcher MT, Chekler EL, Morris CA, Sahin M, Harms JF, Schmidt CJ, Kleiman RJ, Kunkel LM Transl Psychiatry 2016 6 9 e901

The role of cerebellar circuitry alterations in the pathophysiology of autism spectrum disorders.

Mosconi MW, Wang Z, Schmitt LM, Tsai P, Sweeney JA Front Neurosci 2015 9 296

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