EMBARC (Establishing Moderators and Biosignatures of Antidepressant Response for Clinical Care) is a study that seeks to understand why antidepressant treatments work for some people, but not others. The goal is to develop a biosignature that will guide treatment for each person. 

A biosignature is a unique and specific combination about you and your illness. For example, if you have a sore throat, your doctor would also check your temperature, white blood cell count, and specific other symptoms. Physicians can prescribe better treatments when they know your biosignature.

To better understand biosignatures, Depression Center researchers need study participants. The EMBARC study involves brain scans, blood draws, and other non-invasive tests. All participants receive FDA-approved treatment to see if their depressive symptoms improve. Participants also receive a modest monetary reimbursement for their time and effort.

The EMBARC Study is no longer recruiting patients.