Policies for Equipment Use

For any issues or questions regarding QMC managed equipment or training please contact the QMF Director.

We thank you for your responsible and considerate use of all departmental equipment. As with any shared equipment, there can be times of high demand and scheduling difficulties. We ask that users be flexible and courteous with each other.

Please leave the equipment clean and tidy. Take everything you brought with you, and clean up after yourself. You wouldn't like starting with messy or dirty equipment; neither would the person using it after you!

How to Sign Up

Some pieces of equipment are scheduled through on-site paper calendars, while others are administered online via Details are on the pages for each type of equipment.

For paper calendars, write your name or initials, your PI's name, and your phone number or extension on the calendar. Sign up only for actual start/stop times  ("all day" is not appropriate).

For systems with an online calendar, your training will include instructions on using the calendar.

Length of Sessions

As with any common equipment, please try to balance your needs with those of others. As a guideline, four hours during business hours is reasonable, but we ask that you start in the early morning or late afternoon to leave free time during the day. If you need longer sessions, please schedule yourself for early mornings, evenings, nights, or weekends.

During peak-use times, the QMC manager reserves the right to limit time on the system.

Signing up in Advance

There is no time limit on signing up in advance. However, if you sign up and then don't show up, your user privileges will be reassessed. Repeat offenders may have their ability to sign up in advance curtailed and/or may be charged for the time.


There is a 15-minute grace period, but if you are 15 minutes late, your entire time slot is up for grabs by another user. You can avoid losing your slot by adjusting your start time before your original slot begins.

If you are using equipment and the next scheduled person is 15 minutes late, they have lost their slot and you are within your rights to claim their entire time.

However, we encourage people to be reasonable and understanding. We ask that both parties communicate and negotiate about their needs. Perhaps you could agree to finish by a particular time and the late person could return then?

Cancelling Sessions

If you no longer need a time slot or are unable to make it because of some circumstances, please remove your name from the calendar ASAP.

High-Demand Periods

If you need to use equipment and can't find a slot, we encourage discussions among users. Contact people who are already signed up, explain your circumstances, and see if they are willing to to be flexible in their start/stop times.

If you still have difficulties finding time on the system please email the QMF Director and ask for assistance.

Priority for Department Of Psychiatry

Department Members have priority in scheduling equipment during work hours.

If a piece of equipment is in high demand, the QM Facility reserves the right to make reasonable requests to non-department users to move their times to allow department members time on the system during work hours.