Data Analysis

MicroBrightField (MBF) System

Uses: Stereology (the unbiased estimation of the number, length, area, and volume of cells/structures; Stereo Investigator Software) and Dendrite/Spine Analysis (Neurolucida Software)

See the Imaging Systems page for more information on the MBF System.

Volocity System/Imaging Workstation

Volocity Workstation
Volocity Workstation

System: Dell Precision T7500 computer equipped with ATI Radeon HD5870 graphics card and 23-inch monitor

Software: PerkinElmer Volocity 3D Image Analysis Software (version 6.2.1), Visualization and Quantitation Modules. Volocity can read image files of many different formats, including Nanozoomer files and LSM510 files.

The computer also runs other imaging software – ImageJ, the LSM510 Image Browser, and Nanozoomer – and can be used as an imaging workstation when the Volocity Software is not being used. 

Volocity Visualization

  • Read a range of fluorescence z-stack images from widefield and confocal microscopes and from high-content screening systems
  • Rotate, zoom, and fly through rendered objects in real time
  • See how the three dimensions intersect at any point
  • Prepare stunning images for publication
  • Produce compelling movies for presentation

Volocity Quantitation

  • Perform morphological analysis
  • Measure fluorescence localization and colocalization
  • Measure distances within and between organelles/cells/structures
  • Automatically measure or analyze multiple samples with batch processing
  • Utilize specific analysis tools for quantifying colocalization, ratioed images, FRAP, and FRET

Training: Individual, As Needed

Calendar: Online at