Preventing Perinatal Depression

About PRE-D: For Patients

The Preventing Perinatal Depression (PRE-D) research study is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and is conducted by UT Southwestern Medical Center. We welcome your interest in this project aimed at assisting women who are attempting to get pregnant or who are in any stage of pregnancy.

We are conducting this study because women who are not currently depressed but have a history of depression have an increased chance of having their depression return. Certain kinds of talking therapy and/or medications are used to treat major depression. Women need useful and convenient ways to detect and prevent depression while attempting to get pregnant, during pregnancy, and in the postpartum period.

If you are eligible to participate in this study, you will be randomly assigned to one of the two groups for 10 months. You could be assigned to either:

  • Clinician-Assisted Internet Monitoring of your depressive symptoms OR
  • Clinician-Assisted Internet Monitoring in addition to Preventive Cognitive Therapy (PRE-CT).

Both groups will attend 6 in-office sessions, and have 10 videoconference sessions via personal computer, followed by 16 months of clinician-assisted online follow-up assessments. The online symptom monitoring system will help you recognize your symptoms of depression, enhance your safety, and encourage you to seek treatment when needed. The project involves some initial diagnostic and educational in-office visits, but consists mostly of online self-monitoring and clinician-assisted web-based interventions. Our experienced clinicians are prepared and eager to assist you along the way.

You may be eligible for this study if you:

  • Are aged 18 to 45.
  • Are planning to get pregnant or are pregnant.
  • Are not currently depressed.
  • Have a history of depression and are concerned about its return.
  • Have access to a health care provider to follow you during pregnancy.
  • Will allow us to work closely with your provider.
  • Have access to a computer with internet access or are willing to use a computer in our clinic.

If you are interested in this project and want to know if you are potentially eligible, please contact us at:

Psychosocial Research & Depression Clinic
Department of Psychiatry
UT Southwestern Medical Center
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75390-9149
Phone: 214-648-5351 
Fax: 214-648-5340