Lab Photos

Lab Photos

Psychiatry Residents 2017–2018

psychiatry residents
Andrew Czysz, M.D. and Rie Sharky, M.D.

Summer 2017

BrianneLacy, Sarah Colliflower, and Lacey Clare
(l-r) Research Students: Lacey Clare, M.S., Brianne Lacy, and Sarah Colliflower, M.S.

Laboratory Photo 2017

Group Photo
(l-r) Team: Dr. Andrew Czysz, Brianne Lacy, Sarah Colliflower, Dr. Robin B. Jarrett, Lacey Clare, and Dr. Rie Shark

Fall 2017

a.	Jeanette Chong, B.A., M.A. Psychology Doctoral Candidate
Doctoral Candidate, Jeanette Chong, M.A.