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Reelin induces EphB activation.

Bouché E, Romero-Ortega MI, Henkemeyer M, Catchpole T, Leemhuis J, Frotscher M, May P, Herz J, Bock HH Cell Res. 2013 Apr 23 4 473-90

Blocking EphB1 receptor forward signaling in spinal cord relieves bone cancer pain and rescues analgesic effect of morphine treatment in rodents.

Liu S, Liu WT, Liu YP, Dong HL, Henkemeyer M, Xiong LZ, Song XJ Cancer Res. 2011 Jul 71 13 4392-402

Ephrin-B reverse signaling controls septation events at the embryonic midline through separate tyrosine phosphorylation-independent signaling avenues.

Dravis C, Henkemeyer M Dev. Biol. 2011 Jul 355 1 138-51

Critical roles for EphB and ephrin-B bidirectional signalling in retinocollicular mapping.

Thakar S, Chenaux G, Henkemeyer M Nat Commun 2011 2 431

EphB signaling controls lineage plasticity of adult neural stem cell niche cells.

Nomura T, Göritz C, Catchpole T, Henkemeyer M, Frisén J Cell Stem Cell 2010 Dec 7 6 730-43

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