Our laboratory studies the cell biology of viral-host interactions. Our main focus is on the interactions between RNA viruses, such as influenza A and vesicular stomatitis viruses, and nuclear processes.

We investigate virulence factor targeting and regulation of RNA processing and nucleo-cytoplasmic trafficking. In addition, we study viral entry and early signaling events that promote viral infection. Information gained from viral-host interactions can reveal new mechanisms of pathogenesis as well as novel cellular processes, including mechanisms of proviral and antiviral responses.

Ongoing projects in the lab.
Ongoing projects in the lab.

The approaches used in our laboratory involve:

  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular and cellular biology
  • Animal models

We have also established collaborations with chemists to develop antivirals, which can be used as probes to discover new cell biology. 

Interestingly, certain cellular mechanisms used by viruses are also targeted in cancer. Thus, we are also studying the intersections between viral-host interactions and oncogenic pathways as molecular targets for chemical intervention in collaboration with cancer biologists and chemists.