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Lab Members

Melanie Cobb

Melanie H. Cobb, Ph.D

Principal Investigator
Email: melanie {dot} cobb {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Clint Taylor

Clint Taylor, Ph.D

Assistant Instructor
Email: clinton {dot} taylor {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Research Interest: Using structural biology and classical biochemical approaches, I study how interactions between protein kinases and their signaling partners facilitate pathway regulation.

Ana Martin Vega

Ana Martin Vega, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Researcher
Email: ana {dot} martinvega {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Research Interest: My work is mainly focused on uncovering the underlying mechanisms of the uncommon deleterious impact of ERK activation in MEK inhibitor-insensitive squamous cell lung carcinoma and SCLC tumors. A better understanding of the molecular biology of these cancers and of the implication of ERK in tumorigenesis and therapy resistance will let us come up with new therapeutic strategies to overcome the impasse in chemotherapy.

Ankita Jaykumar

Ankita Jaykumar, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Researcher
Email: Ankita {dot} Jaykumar {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Research Interest: I am interested in understanding how the With No Lysine kinase 1 (WNK1) regulates endothelial cell migration and proliferation.

Jiung Jung

Jiung Jung, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Researcher
Email: jiung {dot} jung {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Research Interest:I am interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the role of WNK1 in developmental and cellular processes, and specifically how crosstalk between the WNK1 and other signaling pathways affects major characteristic of cancer malignancy such as cancer invasion and metastasis.

Pearl Chonlarat

Chonlarat (Pearl) Wichaidit, Ph.D

Research Scientist
Email: chonlarat {dot} wichaidit {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Research Interest: Image processing, data analysis, and bioinformatics

Magdalena Grzemska

Magdalena Grzemska

Graduate Student

Email: magdalena {dot} grzemska {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Research Interest: I am focused on investigating the implications of WNK1 signaling in breast cancer and cell invasiveness by exploring novel protein-protein interactions of its downstream kinase OSR1. Meanwhile, I work towards better understanding of the function of WNK1 as a scaffolding protein.

Steve Stippec

Steve Stippec

Research Scientist: Cloning guru and WNK specialist
Email: steve {dot} stippec {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Svetlana Earnest

Svetlana Earnest

Sr. Research Scientist: Project generator and Jane-of-all-trades
Email: svetlana {dot} earnest {at} utsouthwestern.edu




Dionne Ware

Dionne Ware

Sr. Administrative Associate
Pharmacology department
Email: dionne {dot} ware {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Joel Villarreal

Joel Villarreal

Lab Technician Assistant I: Miniprep specialist
Email: joel {dot} villarreal {at} utsouthwestern.edu

Eustolia Sauceda

Eustolia Sauceda

Lab Helper
Email: eustolia {dot} sauceda {at} utsouthwestern.edu