For labs who require a more dedicated bioinformatics support, the lab can engage with the BICF to become a stakeholder in the core. The goal of this service is to provide researchers dedicated access to highly qualified bioinformaticians, without the challenges of recruiting and retaining personnel in their labs.


  • Center, Department or Lab can buy into the core at 100/50% FTE, core provide 4/2 days of dedicated bioinformatics support, respectively
  • Provides single point of contact for PI’s and serves as a conduit for lab help-desk questions
  • Minimum 1 calendar year commitment
  • Must agree to cores Authorship, Acknowledgement, Grants and Software guidelines

The program offers another option for labs working on a diverse set analysis projects and need more flexibility that a single person can't provide.

Residence ++

  • Dedicated Project Manager, from leader of the core, supported at 10% FTE
  • Remaining support 70/30% FTE can be distributed to other core members based on project needs
  • Project manager is single point of contact