About Us

About the Bioinformatics Core Facility

In light of the rapidly increasing complexity of biomedical data and demand for integrated analyses of multi-modal data, the BICF offers to the research community at UTSW:

  • Primary and secondary analysis and interpretation of data generated in the investigator’s lab or by research core facilities;
  • Bioinformatician-on-Demand for longer-term research collaborations;
  • Education, training and outreach through the nanocourseshackathon events and more;
  • Software platforms that increase accessibility of data management and analytical tools across UTSW.

Supported by a grant from the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (RP150596) and through research collaborations, the BICF features a multidisciplinary team of personnel with expertise in: general bioinformatics and functional genomics (including database development and data management), clinical genomics and precision health, and machine learning and image analysis

BICF Organizational Chart