Pediatric Kidney Stones (Urolithiasis)

Torso X-ray
A 13-year-old hypercalciuric girl with kidney stones (two on the left and 16 on the right). She had hematuria and chronic back pain for two years before diagnosis, despite multiple physician visits.

Urinary stones (urolithiasis) can affect children of any age.  About 80 percent of stones in children are calcium oxalate stones.  In 60 percent of pediatric cases, urolithiasis runs in the family, often affecting several generations. The family histories suggest a genetic cause, with dominant inheritance, but the gene(s) involved are not known.

We are very interested in identifying new causes of pediatric calcium oxalate urolithiasis and invite families to participate in our research.  Large families are extremely helpful for the studies using next generation DNA technologies. 

We continue to seek study participants to find new causes for this condition.