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Lab Alumni: High School and College Programs

Through programs such as STARS, SURF, and the Green Fellowship, several high school and college students and local teachers have participated in research at the Baker lab.

STARS (Science Teacher Access to Resources at Southwestern)


Constance Adamu (High School), 2007

J.D. Stumpf (Middle School), 2003

Kristi Morrison (High School), 2002


Samya Isa, 2013

Neeta Abraham, 2001, 2002

Susanne Seals, 2001

SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

Akshaya Selvamani, 2014
Austin College

Chelsea Wells, 2008
Southwern Methodist University

Yanqiu Zheng, 2009, 2010
Cornell University

Kalyn Hanson, 2010
UT Dallas

Kristy Caro, 2005

UT Dallas Green Fellows

Kalyn Hanson

College Students

Eric Wang
2010-2012, Rice University